Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Splash!"My Most Beautiful Thing"

Splash! Does that make you think about summer, diving into the pool? Waves hitting rocks? Kids in a bath tub? Today I am taking the splash. But guess what? There is no water needed.

Today I’m taking part in the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash to celebrate beautiful things – inspired by Fiona Robyn’s new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing. Bloggers from all over the world are taking part and writing or posting pictures of their most beautiful things today. Find out more here and see everyone else’s blog posts here.

Trying to think of one thing is not easy. Other than the people in my life (which are the best and always at the top of the list), there really isn't anything tangible that I would consider my most beautiful thing. There are so many beautiful things each and every day--a cerulean sky filled with white fluffy clouds (though not much of that in my neck of the woods lately) or the warmth of the sunshine on my face (also not much of that recently). But if there isn't much sunshine, then there is time spent inside cooking brownies with my daughter or snuggling with my husband. There are rainbows and the scent of spring flowers after the rain. There is mail from old friends, bringing memories of earlier times to mind. That one beautiful thing, the thing that stands out, changes daily. Today it is this. My bleeding hearts have made an appearance.

          And Spring arose on the garden fair,
          Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
          And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
          rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.

                      —Percy Bysshe Shelley

Perennial flowers are amazing. Year after year, even after harsh winters, they grace us by blooming again. Springtime. A time for new beginnings. For many people, the rebirth of Spring is inspirational. They compare those long months of winter, short days and chilling air (lot of snow depending where you live) to the rough times in life. The budding and eventual blossoming of flowers reminds them that we can all weather life's storms. For others, well...they just like to see or smell the pretty flowers. Such is the joy of a child in a Spring garden. A little girl might like the color of certain flowers, might enjoy picking them to give a lovely bouquet to her mother or someone else she loves. A child might appreciate a flower for its fragrance. I remember visiting my grandmother when her Lily of the Valley were in bloom. They lined the whole side of her house, all the way to the back porch. The scent of Lily of the Valley still takes me back to that old house, to memories of days spent there with her.

We had beautiful weather in March in my area of Germany. There were days it was so warm that people got their shorts and t-shirts out of storage. The trees and bushes began to bud. Our forsythia bush was in full bloom. Then April came and as is often the case, the weather became bleak and wet. So on a grey day like today, discovering that my bleeding heart plant had opened its buds, beautiful pink hearts hanging on the stems, made my day. A splash of color despite overcast skies. Also, the hearts remind me of all the people I love and those who love me. My husband. Daughter. Parents. Family. Friends. They mean the world to me. So these flowers are more than just flowers because they symbolize so many things.

That's my most beautiful thing today. Tomorrow it might be the kind act of a friend, a long walk with the hubby hand in hand, a giggle marathon with my daughter, the songs of birds as I wake in the morning or even just the taste of a really good cake. Anyone want to bake me a cake?

Who knows? Tomorrow it could be a lady bug like the one I found in my planter by the dining room window last Saturday. Isn't it adorable? It isn't often I find a  "reverse ladybug", one with red spots on a black body. I enjoyed its visit.

One thing is for certain, there will be something. There always is. No matter how good or bad a day is, I always try to single out one special event or thing to appreciate and be thankful for.

Is there anything you are thankful for today? Feel free to share in the comments section. I'd love to hear about your day. And as for tomorrow....I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes our way. Though a bit of cake might be nice.