Monday, September 24, 2012

67/100 - Pesty

I am expanding upon my last blog post for my day 67. The post is at my other blog. Press here to read it.


58-66/100 - Closer and closer and closer

They are everywhere.

At first you don't see them.

But then you get a closer look.

                                                               Yep. There it is.

                                                          Want an even closer look?

A spider. Those darn things spin a web wherever they please and if you aren'tpaying attention, you'll walk right into it and end up with web in your hair.

Or you'll end up with this crawl-crawl-crawling in your hair.

We have a spider in our front garden that likes to spin his web from the top of the yucca plant over to the bush. No matter how often one sweeps the web away, the next morning it will be there again. I just don't bother anymore. It isn't doing any harm there. Live and let live, right? Anyway, I am not afraid of spiders.

I just don't like them spinning webs inside or in unusual places like my driver's side door. See it there attached to the mirror? Not a very good place to make a home. Especially at the speeds we travel.  

Once again, let's get a closer look.

There he (or she) is, just hanging around, waiting for food to fly onto my car door.


Silly spider. You haven't caught anything there. The only thing on your web is your shadow.

I felt sorry for it. Before driving away I used a twig to break the web and transport him to a more suitable home. Live well, little spider. Outside. If you come inside, my daughter will probably kill you with a very big shoe.

I wonder what it is doing now?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ketchup, please!

Yikes! I've been AWOL from blogging and from the 100 Days of Summer project. And I am now....gulp!....about 28 days behind.I'll have to do a bit of creative finagling in order to catch up. Or ketchup as my friends say jokingly.

For instance, what about if I do one picture several ways and count them separately. Or post a few related pics based on a common theme. Or snap a a few shots on sport mode and post them as a sequence. Or I could write a short story or poem instead, though that would take more time and I am already so far behind.

Okay, then. Today I choose...

a photo several ways.

Here is the original photo of flowers in my garden.

Then if I wanted I could do some underpainting and give it a rounded frame. Those are simple changes that would make it look like this.

If, perhaps, I am a Georges Seurat fan, I might want to experiment with just a tad bit of pointillism and add a different frame.

Or to stray more from the original photo, we could change the coloring all together. How about yellow tones?

I could be patriot and use a mix of red, white and blue.

With a color pinhole and a bit of double- (or triple) vision, the photo can become this.

And to make a drastic change so that the bee in the original photo can no longer be recognized, we can go more extreme on the pointillism with very large dots and less detail.

 Now we have seven variations. I am counting this as days 51 through 57 and posing the following questions.

1) Which of the photos do you like best AND why?

2) Which do you think is my favorite?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

100 Days of Summer - Halfway Point Reflection

Participants of the 100 Days of Summer Project, were asked to write a reflection at the halfway point. That should have been last weekend when I posted 50/100 but I never got to it. In fact, I haven't been able to post all week. But better late than never, right?

SO...the first question is which of our own posts so far is our favorite. Hmmmm...that is not an easy question to answer. There are some I prefer more than others, but narrowing it down to one is almost impossible. I've narrowed it down. I like Day 40 (brown) because not only do I like the photo but the quote as well. Day 15, on the other hand, is one of my favorites because it shows an element of the project that makes it interesting--how many of the participants follow each others posts and respond to them. I linked a similar post to mine and then Dorothee made a photo collage of the two plus other similar posts. There are a few others I like for various reasons but those two popped into my mind.

What approach/concept for 100 Days did I have at the start of the project? Did it change, and if so, how?

I had begun posting local photos with explanations and planned to do that throughout as a sort of "this is my world" type thing. After all, this is my personal blog and not Lind-guistics (the one where I post more literary things, links to my published work, etc.)  But as I time went on I just started posting pictures and quotes, then sometimes just a photo, and then the past week I just stalled and posted nothing at all. And with school starting again soon (one week to go) I am not sure I'll be able to keep up but I'll do the best I can and if I finish late, I finish late.So it goes.

How do I feel about the 100 Days of Summer project so far?

I wish I had more time to follow others and read all their posts. One good thing is that I have come in contact with some very talented people, ones of whom I will continue to follow long after this project is over. Two names that come to mind are Susan Gibb and Pia Parkkonen. Susan has been entertaining me daily with her gruesome flash fiction and Pia is wowing me (is wow-ing a word? If not, it SHOULD be) with her amazing photography. With those two finds alone, it makes this project worth the while.

With that said, here is my Day 51 post. This photo was taken last month during a trip to Lana, Italy. I was walking around the side of an old church and the sun was shining on the windows. Inside was a figure. I thought it looked interesting and both angelic and a little creepy. (yeah, I know. It doesn't look creepy at all in the photo but from a distance it looked different. Or perhaps it was the fact that I was the only person there in the middle of the day, standing between the window and the cemetery. Who knows.) So I took a few shots of it. I think it goes well with the theme reflection.