Sunday, February 26, 2012

Local Crossings - Welzheim to Rudersberg (continued)

My blog wouldn't let me include all the photos on one post. If you haven't read part one please click here before continuing.

After one walks through the arch of branches and through the field with large stones, there is a path on the right-hand side with steps that takes one up through the wooded area. Here is a photo of it with two trees crossing over the path.

I assume this takes you alongside the road and back to Eins + Alles because this new area full of woven branch towers belongs to them. What is it used for? I am not sure yet. Maybe when the weather is better I will find out and can post about it here.

Continuing on the road past Laufenm├╝hle and Klaffenbach, then Oberndorf and finally Rudersberg, we drove to the Rathaus (city hall). In front of the building is the bronze Arche Noah statue. After all, with a theme like "crossings" how could we exclude Noah? With his pairs of animals, he crossed stormy seas.

 Here are some close-up shots.

statue by Wolfgang Knorr

I like how the animals are enlarged, making them the main focus. I especially like the giraffe.

What I don't like too much are the figures of the men. I find them a bit creepy. What do you think?

And if you want to cross over from biblical to nostalgic, all you need to do while standing in front of the statue is turn to your left and look at this building which now houses the local post office. 

This photo of mine was once used on the blog of  online literary magazine YB.

All these things can be seen within a 15 minute ride (20 minutes tops if you drive slow or if the roads are icy) from Welzheim to Rudersberg. I hope you enjoyed taking the trip with me.  That is the glory of the internet, isn't it? With just a click you can be crossing borders and time zones without ever leaving your home.

Be sure to come back to visit me again...  

I do love visitors.


Mandy said...

Love travelling with you Linda. It's always a treat to see places through someone else's eyes. Hmmm, maybe food next??? There are so many wonderful and yet very different foods in Germany (not to mention their totally unpronounceable names). M x

Ella said...

Great photos! I really enjoyed the trip! Yes, the man are creepy and the animals are amazing! I loved the view of the forest, it looked magical :D

Linda H. said...

Thanks, Mandy and Ella.

Laurie Kolp said...

Seriously, Linda. I'm living vicariously through you... and I thank you for that.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful photos! And congratulations once again on your Limerick-Off Honorable Mention! Limerick of the Week 51

Hannah said...

Linda!!! I'm so excited to find your blog! I loved the glimpse into some of the highlights of where you live. The woods with the stone stairs and moss covered logs look like they could be right around where I live. So neat that even though we're on the other side of the world from each other we can be bonded by these similarities in nature.

Such a beautiful and interesting place that you live, Linda!

Thank you, for the tour. Smiles~Hannah

helen said...

Love all these images - but especially the one of Marilyn!