Wednesday, October 17, 2012

95-98/100 - Motorcycle Trip

Two weekends ago we went on our annual motorcycle trip. It was a small group this year-- just 5 couples and no children. Originally we started these trips in order to visit all the Michelaus in Germany (and one in Luxembourg). Now that we've accomplished that goal we just pick any town or festival. This year we were in Wolfach. On Friday night after dinner we all took a walk around town. Of course, I had my camera along. This is the view from the bridge at night. Doesn't it look beautiful?

© Linda Hofke, 2012

Next to the bridge were lamposts. This one caught everyone's eye, because it was decorated with threads of spider web all around it.

© Linda Hofke, 2012

If you look closer you can see that there were several large spiders in there. 

© Linda Hofke, 2012 

Here is a close-up of one of them. It seems this town doesn't need to decorate for Halloween. The spiders have done the work for them.

© Linda Hofke, 2012 

Like I said in an earlier post (click here to read it), those spiders seem to be everywhere.

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Christy said...

Your trip looks and sound wonderful.

Lil Bit British