Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - March 6, 2013

After my blogging break I started posting over at my Lind-guistics blog but not here. So today I am joining in on the Wednesday Hodgepodge which is organized by Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond. All one needs to do is answers the questions she provides on Tuesday. (Yep, that's right. She gives you the questions a day ahead of time, because she knows you all have busy lives and, well, she's just nice.)  So why not join in? You can find the "rules" HERE.

Now, here are my answers for this week's questions.

1. My real life friends came through with another question this week so thank you real life friends. When you've eaten in a restaurant do you complete their comment card? Do you take online surveys highlighted at the bottom of store receipts? 

We don't eat out too often (both my husband and I love to cook) and I've never seen one of those cards in any of the restaurants we visit in Germany. So, I guess my answers is no. We do, however, let people know when we are happy. Whether it be a super flight attendent, an excellent chef, or helpful service personnel, you can always show your appreciation by writing a letter or email. Businesses are always happy to receive correspondence giving them a pat on the back for what they are doing well and not just complaints from unsatisfied customers.

2. The (US) ban on women in combat was lifted at the end of January. It will probably be next year before specifics are worked out, but its been reported over 200,000 front line positions will eventually open up to women.  Your thoughts?

I think there are women who will be capable of doing this. However, I also believe there might be less women enrolling in military service in the future. I know I couldn't do it.

3.  In looking back at all the blog posts you've written, what's your favorite post title

Well, that's a difficult one to answers. I must confess, I don't think I have any stellar titles on this blog, but there are quite a few I like from Lind-guistics. I can't decide on just one so I will let you decide. Here are a few of them. Tell me which one you like the best in the comments section, and if you want you can even read a few of the posts. Perhaps the titles will draw you in.

My First Experience with a Certain O Word 

i'm gonna' freak ya'll out with wizards, wacky weed, and jellybeans 

Is I better than you and should i freak you out? 

S is for eggs! Well, sort of.

4. What's worse--overly permissive parents or overly protective parents?  Did your own parents lean more to the permissive or the protective category?  If you're a parent where do you fall?

I think it is worse to be an overly protection parent. Children need to explore, push the limits and make mistakes in order to learn. This is not to say we should let children do whatever they want. If they are engaging in something which is a danger to themselves or others, we need to step in. Therefore, we let them explore but try to be aware of what they are doing at the same time.

My parents were a bit of both. They were more laid back with me, because I never gave them any reason to worry. They trusted me to make the right decisions. (Of course that doesn't mean I never did anything stupid. I did my fair share, just nothing extreme.) They were a bit more strict with one of my brothers at times, but overall they were middle-of-the-line, leaning toward the permissive end. I, myself, try to be the same way. However, I am not so sure my teenage daughter would agree.

5.  Candlelight-moonlight-firelight-bright lights in the big city...which one's your favorite?

It doesn't matter to me as long as my hubby is with me, but I guess I will go with firelight. Not only do you have the blazing visual but also a nice warmth to cuddle next to.

6. Dr. Seuss's birthday was celebrated on Saturday. What's a favorite book you remember (Seuss or otherwise) from your own childhood?  Did books play an important role in your growing up years? Explain.

I loved Dr. Seuss. I mean, what kid from my generation didn't? I liked Green Eggs and Ham and remember having them in school. I once made them for my daughter when she was younger. I also enjoyed The Cat in the Hat. As I got older though, one of my favorites (and perhaps lesser known books of his) was I Wish that I had Duck Feet. It is still my favorite today.

Of course, I was an avid reader as a child. I read Beverly Cleary and loved Judy Blume books. I also remember certain books, such as Where the Wild Things Are, How to Eat Fried Worms, Harriet the Spy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc. When I was older and studying to be an elementary school teacher, I discovered a whole batch of new books that were awesome. Then later as a mother reading books to a kid, I discovered even more great ones. Even to this day I still love children's literature.

7.  To quote Dr. Seuss...

 "From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere." 

from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Share something funny you've recently read, seen or heard.

Well, I can't share them, but I've been receiving some funny poems for my Birthday Bash Poetry Contest in honor of Dr. Seuss. If you want to enter, CLICK HERE for more information.

I did, however, read a silly pun list the other day. I'm not sure how funny you'll think these are, but they are all punny.

     I did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.

     I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. I can't put it down.

     What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?  A thesaurus. 

     (Here's one that isn't word related.) When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

 Nick Wilford has put together an anthology with seventy stories of both fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry about overcoming adversity and is currently selling it as an eBook (It will also be available in print soon.)

The anthology is part of a fundraising effort to send Nick's stepson, Andrew, to a specialist college in England. Andrew has cerebral palsy, and is a remarkable young man with a promising future. However, the free further education options offered in his own country (Scotland) no longer challenge him nor and allow him to progress. In order to access the education he deserves, Andrew will have to pay exorbitant fees.  You can help by purchasing a copy of the book and by sharing this post with other. I know I will.

 If you are in the U.S., the price for the Kindle Edition is only $3.54. Just CLICK HERE to go to the page on Amazon.

To order on Amazon in the United Kingdom, CLICK HERE. The cost is

It is also available on SMASHWORDS and GOODREADS.

Oh, and did I mention that it features work by great writers such as E.J. Wesley, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and Kyra Lennon. There's even a short piece by me. So why not buy a copy? It's a win-win situation. You get great reading material and Andrew gets one step closer to his educational needs.


Wayne W Smith said...

Some of the poetry was quite good.


Love the 'anti-gravity' book!! That made me laugh. I read about this other fund raising on another's great that the 'word is getting out' to all of us to help Andrew.

Veronica and Daniel said...

The 'S is for eggs' title intrigued me the most :) My parents were the opposite of yours: more strict with me (when they were not given reason to be) and much more permissive with my younger brother (when they really needed to be much more strict!) I remember my mom making us green eggs and ham as well! Happy Wednesday!

April said...

I read nearly every Dr. Seuss book to my girls when they were little...and I've saved them all. Wonderful, bittersweet memories. They loved reading Beverly Cleary books as they got older.

The Henry Crew! said...

The First experience with a certain O word made me laugh!!

Debbie said...

good morning! I enjoyed reading these and getting to know you a little bit..glad I came by! Enjoy your day!

Teri said...

Oh. My. Gosh. We read the same books when we were kids. I mean, every book on your list I read and loved. I even listed "Harriet the Spy" as my favorite. Too funny.

Joyce said...

Harriet the Spy makes me think of my sister. She really took that one to heart and started doing a little spying on her own. My mother was not amused : )

My youngest loved Daisy Head Mayzie which is another Seuss book not so well known.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love those puns! And your answer to #5. ;-)

Miss CB said...

The puns made me laugh. :o)

Rebecca Lobb said...

I too do wonder if women now have the chance to enlist that less women will join

Tami said...

I like your catchy blog post titles. You, my friend, have a talent with words!! xo