Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ketchup, please!

Yikes! I've been AWOL from blogging and from the 100 Days of Summer project. And I am now....gulp!....about 28 days behind.I'll have to do a bit of creative finagling in order to catch up. Or ketchup as my friends say jokingly.

For instance, what about if I do one picture several ways and count them separately. Or post a few related pics based on a common theme. Or snap a a few shots on sport mode and post them as a sequence. Or I could write a short story or poem instead, though that would take more time and I am already so far behind.

Okay, then. Today I choose...

a photo several ways.

Here is the original photo of flowers in my garden.

Then if I wanted I could do some underpainting and give it a rounded frame. Those are simple changes that would make it look like this.

If, perhaps, I am a Georges Seurat fan, I might want to experiment with just a tad bit of pointillism and add a different frame.

Or to stray more from the original photo, we could change the coloring all together. How about yellow tones?

I could be patriot and use a mix of red, white and blue.

With a color pinhole and a bit of double- (or triple) vision, the photo can become this.

And to make a drastic change so that the bee in the original photo can no longer be recognized, we can go more extreme on the pointillism with very large dots and less detail.

 Now we have seven variations. I am counting this as days 51 through 57 and posing the following questions.

1) Which of the photos do you like best AND why?

2) Which do you think is my favorite?


Mandy said...

Alex and I looked through together and I asked for her opinion....interestingly we both chose the 2nd, underpainted version because of the detailing and definition. However we liked the blurred version cos it looked ethereal and 3D and the last was just plain fun and looked as if you should feed it to a pet tortoise!!!!

Your fave???? Hmmmm hard one but I think the 2nd too.

Paula Wanken - When Words Escape said...

If you were trying to get to post 57, then perhaps instead of ketchup you should have asked for Heinz 57 Sauce! ;)

First off, I love the picture! It reminds me of my friend in Illinois whose kitchen decor was daisies and bumblebees!

Second, my favorite is #2 -- with the underpainting that enhanced details.

Third, your favorite?? I'm guessing #3. :)

*hugs to you*

Linda H. said...

Well, most people here and at FB seem to like the underpainting (which is also my favorite).

Linda H. said...

but I do like some of the others as well

I do not like the yellow one at all.

Linda H. said...

and, Paula, your Heinz 57 sauce joke made me smile :-)