Monday, September 24, 2012

58-66/100 - Closer and closer and closer

They are everywhere.

At first you don't see them.

But then you get a closer look.

                                                               Yep. There it is.

                                                          Want an even closer look?

A spider. Those darn things spin a web wherever they please and if you aren'tpaying attention, you'll walk right into it and end up with web in your hair.

Or you'll end up with this crawl-crawl-crawling in your hair.

We have a spider in our front garden that likes to spin his web from the top of the yucca plant over to the bush. No matter how often one sweeps the web away, the next morning it will be there again. I just don't bother anymore. It isn't doing any harm there. Live and let live, right? Anyway, I am not afraid of spiders.

I just don't like them spinning webs inside or in unusual places like my driver's side door. See it there attached to the mirror? Not a very good place to make a home. Especially at the speeds we travel.  

Once again, let's get a closer look.

There he (or she) is, just hanging around, waiting for food to fly onto my car door.


Silly spider. You haven't caught anything there. The only thing on your web is your shadow.

I felt sorry for it. Before driving away I used a twig to break the web and transport him to a more suitable home. Live well, little spider. Outside. If you come inside, my daughter will probably kill you with a very big shoe.

I wonder what it is doing now?