Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Snippets

I keep wanting to join in on Friday Fragments but never seem to be online on a Friday. So today I am creating the Sunday equivalent...Sunday Snippets. I'll be telling you just a snippet of what has been going on the past two weeks.

Last week school started. Katarina wasn't too thrilled about that.

On the Friday after school began, we went on our annual motorcycle trip with the Dorfgemeinschaft (a group that organizes town events and activities for its memebers). It rained that day (maybe because it was Friday the 13th?) However, the weather on Saturday and Sunday was better.  We went to Koenigsee. It took almost 4 hours for those of us who took the most direct routes, much longer for those who travelled the scenic route). I'll be posting about that later but for now here is one photo from that weekend.

This Friday we went to a company grill party complete with big smoker and a bar. There were tasty ribs, pulled pork, slabs of perfectly grilled beef (red in the middle, the way I like), and shrimp skewers. A lot of work went into it because all marinades and sauces were from scratch. The men did a great job. There were also a variety of salads, breads, desserts. 

On Saturday we were with members of our town group again (our Dorfgemeinschaft) for our annual bus trip. This year we visited Strasbourg, France which is only about a two to two-and-a-half hour drive for us. The weather was perfect. Again, more on that later but for now....a photo.

Today our Dorfgemeinschaft played in the annual soccer tournament. Despite being low on players this year, we managed to hold on to our second year title. Hurray!

Also, today is an important day in Germany. It is election day. We'll have to wait and see if Merkel will remain in office or if we will have a new leader (but I have a feeling she is going to win.)

That's the past two weeks in a nut shell (or in snippets). More to come later.

* * * * * * *

UPDATE: As expected, Merkel won.

Also, since I wrote about my weekend travels of varying lengths I ask this question of you:

What is the furthest you've driven for a weekend trip?

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