Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Vol. 143

Wednesday Hodgepodge-Volume 143

Here are the questions to this week's Hodgepodge by our lovely hostess, Joyce, and my answers. To take part in Wednesday Hodgepodge, click on the picture below for more info.

1. What's one thing that's still the same about you as when you were young?

Lots of things. I still like animals. Enjoying learning new things. Like to write. Enjoy time with friends. Love my mommy and daddy. Am a night-owl. Some things never change.

2. What's more important--history or science? Why?

To me, this is like most comparative questions. Why does one have to be more important than the other? It's like asking if mental/emotional health is more important than physical health, or if a mother is more important than a father, or if food is more important than beverages. BOTH are equally important in life. Don't make me choose!

3. Lima, kidney, string, garbanzo, black or pinto-your favorite bean?

I like beans. Limas are my least favorite and, honestly, I only eat them when I must. I think it is a toss up between kidney beans (nothing like a nice spicy chili with beans) or garbanzo beans (they're so versatile).

4. What's something people come to your town to do?

HA! This is a silly question. Why anyone would come to this cow town? Hmmm...we have a population of approximately 500 people, one street light, one restaurant (though it is a kick-ass, real Italian establishment with awesome food), a small plumbing business and a local electrician. Our only point of interest for "outsiders" (other than the formerly-mentioned restaurant) is our old, historic oil mill. There is a mini-museum inside. It is open to the public once a month, sometimes more often in summer months. Here is a photo I took of it last year.

5. When was the last time you were in a meeting? Sum it up for us in five words or less. 

Last night. Parent-teacher meeting.

6. What special event would you like a VIP pass to attend?

Gosh! I had no idea. If the opportunity presented itself, I would be more than happy to sit down with a few writers and pick their brains. Also, a few singers/musicians would be interesting subjects to spend time with. Political figures as well. But an organized event that I absolutely wouldn't want to miss? My mind is blank at the moment. Need. More. Coffee.

7. What's one piece of advice you'd give a writer?

Write because you love to write. Plain and simple. (Yes, I know this is not very original but it is the best reason to write, isn't it?)

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

This week we ate one of the first jalapeƱos from our garden. A bit mild. We were disappointed. I also used some of our kale to make kale chips for the first time. We all thought they were tasty.


April said...

What a beautiful old mill! That would definitely be a "must see" on my list! Ah...been to many patent-teacher meetings over the years. Happy Wednesday!

retired not tired said...

I would love to visit your mill. It is quaint.

Veronica and Daniel said...

Hooray fro produce from your own garden :) I would LOVE to visit that mill - we don't really have anything that 'historic' in our town...but I wish we did! I love small towns, and yours sounds fun :) Happy Wednesday!!

J.Day said...

I agree about science and history. Both are important and interconnected.

Barbara said...

That mill picture you posted is lovely.... could be the inspiration for some wonderful writing!

Teri said...

Excellent point on History vs. Science.

Anonymous said...

Amen on the one subject vs another! And I'm a night owl too!

Joyce said...

I have not acquired a taste for kale chips. I want to like them, but I think in my head I expect them to be more like a potato chip, and they are nothing like a potato chip : ) Glad you joined the HP this week!

Jhona O. said...

Beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing it with us.It looks like a quiet place to visit.