Wednesday, July 18, 2012

100 Days of Summer - Day 14 - food for thought

The Bet*

Last night I watched her pocket 200 bucks. Some claimed she swindled them. Others called her a money hungry bitch. But I know it ain't about the money. She's just a perfectionist who needs to win at all costs, even if there's no money on it. It's like an addiction. She can't help it. I mean, why else would you spend night after night after night learning to pick a fish clean to the bone with chopsticks?

*challenge: to write a story in 100-words or less using an unusual picture


Naquillity said...

nice story. very fitting for the picture... i would want my fish picked clean of any and all bones before eating it though... have a great night~

becca said...

great story but the picture is yucky

When Words Escape said...

Nicely done, Linda!! :)