Thursday, July 19, 2012

100 Days of Summer - Day 15 - Similarity

As I was visiting the blogs of other 100 Days of Summer participants I came across a post from Jim Wittenberg. (Click here to see the picture or else you'll miss the comparison I make later.)

Looking at the artwork, I got a feel of movement in the blue area, like water. The red-orange shapes to the left side could be flames or perhaps something else. It seemed familiar to me. Then I realized. It reminds me of a photo I took in October, when the colored leaves on a tree branch hung over the water of  Ebnisee.

Here's my photo. The distribution of color isn't exactly the same but it sort of has the same feel to it. What do you think? Or is it just me?


Sandra Davies said...

No - not just you ... that blue and orange is astonishingly vibrant isn't it?

becca said...

wow beautiful and so peaceful

susan said...

Absolutely beautiful. It's like holding a clarifier on the other image.