Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm joining in 100 Days of Summer

I've been invited by Dorothee Lang to take part in 100 Days of Summer. Dorothee, who is the editor of Blue Print Review and organizer of the Language/Place blog carnival, has taken part before and shared some of her beautiful photographs. Thanks for thinking of me, Dorothee.

Steve Veilleux is actually the organizer of 100 Days of Summer. His description of the project is as follows: 100 Days of Summer provides its members with the opportunity to share their creative work within the intense framework of providing one artistic submission per day for 100 days. Officially, we are beginning on July 5th and expect the program to run through October 15 or so.

JULY 5th! That is today (and I just noticed the invitation about a half hour ago). 

Since I write about language and post links to my published works on my Lind-guistics blog, I thought I'd use this blog for my 100 posts. The posts will most likely be photographs, often with a description, short story, or thought listed below the photo.

Though we can post whatever we wish, there are some suggested themes which are offered each week. All the themes come from expressions. This week's expressions are "paint the town red" and "out like a light". I'm going to search my photo files and I'll be back as soon as I can with a new post. I remember a photo from Spring that is very, very red.

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Tami said...

I'd love to do something like this. Where do I find the time to add one more thing though? I already feel like I am being pulled left to right, up and down… I will tell Todd about it. He loves taking photos and this may be something he'd like to join in on.