Thursday, August 2, 2012

24/100 - One More Day

One More Day

summer along the train tracks in Michelau

Though she wasn't five anymore, she couldn't resist. He was 18 and going off to college to study medicine while she had two more years of school. He promised to come home as often as possible, to call, write, but he was always the one with dreamer eyes, the one to see ideals instead of the way things really were. She'd always been a realist, calculating the odds and never expecting more than life could deliver. But when she saw those puffs of dried thistle, a long row of them, it reminded her of how she and Daddy would pull them and set them free into the wind, making silly wishes. So there she sat near the old train tracks, pulling each and every last seed and blowing it away, whispering let him love me one more day...and another day...and another day...and another... until the sun set.  She figured that would give her another year, maybe two. By then she'd be off to college herself, either finding her way closer to him or drifting in another direction, searching for a new place to grow.