Wednesday, August 15, 2012

42/100 - Purple

I love the color purple.  It is so vibrant. It has a richness to it that can't go unnoticed. Whether it be the first purple crocuses of springtime or dried lavender in autumn, shades of purple always look nice. There are so many flowers colored purple-- heliotropes, orchards, lilac, hyacinths, phlox, even the tops of thistles in bloom are a shade of purple. What's your favorite thing that is purple? A flower? An amethyst? Grapes? A sea urchin? Or perhaps those rare occasions when the night sky isn't pink or red but a wonderful shade of purple?

taken at the garden show in Nagold, Germany 2012

I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.
             Alice Walker


Mandy said...

For Stefan - for what its worth, I read every one. I dont always comment cos sometimes enough has been said and any more would detract from the imagery already there.
I have a very regal purple lilac in my garden that is stunning - no wonder royalty love the colour so!!!

Mandy said...

Oh, almost forgot the delphiniums - majestic spires of the most vibrant blue- pirple you could imagine.

Paula Wanken - When Words Escape said...

So many "blue" flowers look "purple" to me...or are labeled "purple" when they look blue. in the blue/purple hues that I like?

LOVE Hyacinth of any color. Irises. And yes, Delphinium. I also love the blooms of a Lilac Bush.

*sigh* I could get lost in a sea of blue/purple flowers and be very happy.

:) Paula

Jim Wittenberg said...

this is a beautiful picture