Sunday, August 5, 2012

27/100 - Name, please

Today while walking in a wooded area, I came across this insect. I asked my husband if he knew what it was called in German, but he didn't. He'd never seen one of these before. I would look it up in the online translator but, unfortunately, I've also never seen one before and have no idea what it is called in English.

I looks like some sort of fly but is much larger than a house fly, about the size of a bumble bee. It was calm, just sitting there, and didn't bother us at all. We passed a few others along the way who were also sitting on these white flowers/weeds that grew along the side of the path. I wish I'd seen one of them fly.

If you have any idea what the name of this is, please let me know. I'm curious.



Tami said...

It looks like a fly and a bee mated. Maybe you found a new spices. :)

Connie L. Peters said...

It might be a deer fly

Linda H. said...

I just googled it. It appears to be some sort of hover fly, also know as flower flies in America.

Linda H. said...

Found it! It is a pellucid hoverfly. Source can be located here: